This is the official site for 'Time Mounties 4: Dangerous Goods'

Starring Members from the hip hop sensation, Pooprider, Thick Mitties and DJ Steady Ruxpin, Dangerous Goods delivers action and drama like you may have seen before.

Start here with the music video...

China Pants Dance

Time Mounties 4

As we know, a mountie always gets his man. And, a mountie will always stand up for what is just and right. But in Canada, in the year 2016 (its where we been) There is new breed of mountie. One who travels throughout time to set all the wrongs right. Every Time Mounties dream is to earn his traditional uniform of red black and brown.

This is the 2nd scene in the film, where, after taking credit for a crime 'Peter' didn't solve, but 'Nick' in fact did, Peter receives a badge of merit as well as a raise without realizing he walked all over his partner of 18 years. Later on that day, they have a hiphop jam session where this happens...

Recording Studio Mayhem

After being demoted as a Time Mountie, and a hiphop superstar, but realizing he was about to take on the case of his life, peter comes crawling back to nick in this scene...But Wait!!! There's an earthquake! Will Nick be moved with compassion as he sees Peter dying under 4lbs of drywall?

Deep Cover

Nick is now marooned on the island of the evil, gauntlet wearing Dr. Sandwhichbag. When he stops to catch his breath, he hears the sounds of robot slave masters coming towards him. Thus begins the chase of all time. He begins losing his mind in this epic battle scene which can only end in someones death, or serious dismemberment.

Running from Robots

......stay tuned to hear someone say "Cotton Pickin' Hootenany" to the time mounties. Also, watch for an explosion. COMING SOON! fromburb
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