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Pooprider is the hip hop culmination of 'MC Thick Mitties' aka 'Peter P' and 'Steddy
Ruxpin' aka Niklaus K'. The group, formed in 2001 was originally based in Vancouver,
however, Peter P packed up his motorized van and moved to the Maritimes during a
midlife crisis. Niklaus has regrettably hung up the mic to pursue his long time dream
of doing something else. Perhaps they will once again rock the stage together, but until
then Peter P will be rockin like døkken in the eastcoast provinces. They did however
bust out an album in the summer of 2008 called 'Beavers and Bling' featuring all the
Pooprider faves.

track 1-Intro
track 2-Good to Go
track 3-China Pants Dance
track 4-Phat Beat
track 5-T_blow
track 6-Mushroom Soup
track 7-Big Bob
track 8-Disco Trackpants
track 9-Trailer Park Slang
track 10-Back in the shack (with my pants on)
track 11-Step Off the Wang Chung
track 12-Rubber Bum

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"Daterape Santa"

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